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Halloween Attractions

Halloween Attractions

Houston Terror Dome is more than just a Haunted House. Over the years we have expanded with new activites include Axe Throwing, Paintball, Escape Rooms, Pumpkin Patch, souvenir shop, and more.
Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

Our Haunted Houses feature Multiple Rooms, that will feed your senses ( Sight, Sound, and even Smell). Clowns, Zombies, Walk through Vortex, Butchers Shop, Swamp, and even 3D Rooms ( we provide 3d glasses for these ). Everything you fear, you will find it in here.
PaintBall Shooting Gallery

Sicko and Freako's Paintball Massacre

Paintball Shooting Gallery full of Halloween Themed Targets and Animatronics illuminated with UV Black Lights. Guns shoot paintballs are mounted to a fixed rail with limited movement for safety. Eye Protection provided. Safe for all Ages.
VooDoo Shack Gift Shop

Live DJ and the Zombie Dancers

Houston Terror Dome's Resident DJ Dave plays Top 40 Hits, EDM, and even some line dance songs, while the Zombie Dancers Entertain the crowd. Performing every Friday and Saturday Night, plus Peak nights as Halloween approaches.
AxeMania Axe Throwing

Axe Mania Axe Throwing

UV Axe Throwing Experience. Throw a 1.5 lbs Axe at a blacklite target.
Cranium Catch Toss Game

Cranium Catch

We have 3 animatronic zombies with open heads. Attempt to toss a brain into their head. For each brain you can land in their head, you win a small prize. Upgrade 2 small prizes for 1 large prize.
Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

We have 3 escape rooms. The Cabin, Zombie Infection, Black Beard's Curse. Each with their own unique puzzle to solve. Games lasts 10 minutes, and requires at least 2 people to play, with a max of 6 people per game.
Nightmare Alley Selfie Saloon

Nightmare Alley Selfie Saloon

Complimentary with all Haunt Tickets, Nightmare Alley Selfie Saloon is a one of a kind experience that combines a haunted bar with haunted house themed selfie advertures. This unique experience is open to all ages. Non alcoholic beverages, beer and wine (21+) is offered for purchase.
Pumpkin Patch of Souls

Pumpkin Patch of Souls

The Houston Terror Dome's Pumpkin Patch of Souls will be an interactive pumpkin patch with medium and large size Pumpkins plus Bales of Hay, cornstalks and other items for sale. A great attraction for all.
VooDoo Shack Gift Shop

VooDoo Shack

Our Gift Shop selling Novelties, Oddities, and other strange collectibles. Plus Official Terror Dome Merchandise including T-Shirts, Mugs, and Glasswear.
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Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses Scariest Halloween Attraction in Texas

Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses
Scariest Halloween Attraction in Texas
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