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Anyone who wore a costume got $5 off tickets at Terror Dome this weekend.  The photos in this gallery were from Saturday Oct 18th, 2014.  Thanks to all the guests and Staff for a fun night.
Joker posing for the cameraJoker shows off a scary face for the cameraJoker posing with blue light behind himJoker trying a different angle for the cameraMad Doctor with breather and black glovesMad Doctor in blood soaked suit posesCrazy Doctor covered in blood wearing contact lensesHouston Doctor Might have EbolaCrazy Doctor Covered in Blood attacking youMad Doctor covered in blood using breather mask is possesedFamily waits in line, kid in blue shirt shows scary pose for camerakid in blue shirt told he will enter but might not come outJoker Photo bombs family waiting in lineFamily waiting in line at Haunted House.This kid doesn't realize the Mad Doctor behind himYoung kid stays close to dad while waiting in line at the Haunted houseDad sports a mustache, kid sports a shirt with a guy sporting a mustacheGroup of Friends waiting in line poses for pictureGroup of Friends smiling as they wait in lineFather brought his son out to the haunted house
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Houston Terror Dome Haunted House Halloween 2011 Terror Dome Voodoo Weekend

Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses Scariest Halloween Attraction in Texas

Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses
Scariest Halloween Attraction in Texas
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